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Do you live a busy life? Perhaps you find it difficult on some days to remember what it is you're supposed to be doing?  If so, your health and wellness goals may be falling by the wayside. This is where 1UrbanMarket's website can help!  We scour the internet in search of cutting edge health and nutrition research. We discover it so you don't have to! Our goal is simple, bring you cutting-edge knowledge and products so you may be the best version of you!


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Food is more than the fuel to excellent health. We eat for pleasure, for social interaction and comfort. What we consume makes up our matter: literally, we “are what we eat”. At 1UrbanMarket we believe when we eat good, we feel good.  Food and the nutrients we consume are the greatest form of wellness we can provide ourselves.  We believe in a holistic approach to food and a balanced relationship with food.  When we're not able to get the nutrients we need from our food, we suggest a variety of dietary supplements to aid in optimal health.

Too many of us are consumed with the calories we take in but forget to consider the nutrients and joy of every bite. 

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1UrbanMarket finds the most rewarding work in educating people about how to feed themselves in the best way possible.  This website will introduce you to various herbal formulas developed over years of academic research and clinical experience.  The herbs are derived primarily from plant parts such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers and contain the highest concentration of active ingredients.  All of the products we suggest are natural, safe, effective and of the highest quality and come with a money back guarantee.

1UrbanMarket can help you discover and celebrate a world of revitalizing and renewing nutrients.

Visit 1UrbanMarket often.  Visit our "Blog" page to find out more about the latest research and information pertaining to optimal health, or book your place on one of our exclusive annual retreats. See you soon!

As health and wellness experts, 1UrbanMarket can help you create a variety of plans addressing a myriad of symptoms, while focusing on a holistic approach to wellness. Visit 1UrbanMarket's Blog for our latest knowledge bank and product suggestions.

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