This Toxin is Found to Cause Hair Loss

Anyone who has found themselves checking the bathroom sink for falling hair, knows just how debilitating hair loss is to one's confidence. So to free yourself from the dread of looking in the mirror or feeling like your thinning hair is aging you, we bring you the latest discovery to hit the hair loss industry in the last 20 years. It has nothing to do with dangerous hair procedures, painful surgery or expensive products.    In fact, this amazing discovery starts within the blood stream.  The small capillaries that supply your capilla become intoxicated with a special category poisonous substances called heavy metals.  This network is responsible for nourishing the hair cells, delivering nutrients and growth hormones.    


Weight Management

No matter if you want to build muscle or lose fat, weight management is most effectively accomplished through food. Complementing a solid workout routine, your diet is important to help keep your metabolism healthy and optimise the fat burning process. I can help you create a meal plan to reach your goals.

Skin Issues

Psoriasis? Eczema? Acne? Rosacea? I can help you manage these conditions and many more, through the science of food. The skin is the largest organ on our body, and when it’s not functioning in a healthy way it can affect our wellbeing, as well as our confidence. Skin conditions aren’t just embarrassing, they’re often painful. Book an appointment today and reclaim your self-esteem.

Medical Symptoms

From irritable bowel syndrome to diabetes and immune system support, it’s possible to alleviate and lessen the effects of a variety of symptoms of underlying medical conditions. While food isn’t the answer to everything, a well-optimised diet can help you face medical challenges with confidence and boosted energy. Get in touch for a customised meal plan, tailored to your unique experience.

Allergies and Intolerances

Even good foods are bad for some people. If your body is rejecting a particular ingredient, or you feel unwell in certain circumstances, I can offer allergy testing and advice to mitigate future challenges. Knowledge is power - and being aware of what you can and cannot eat is essential for leading a healthy life.

Blood Sugar Level: The Beta Cell Risk Factor

The latest news having to do with high blood sugar levels lies in a little known cell called the beta cell.  

Beta cells live in the pancreas and specialize in making insulin.  Insulin is part of our endocrine system, which means it is a hormone.  It's main job is to control our sugar levels in our blood.  

In certain circumstances our body's immune system may try to destroy beta cells, as in people with Type 1 Diabetes.  In other cases, those with Type 2 Diabetes, the beta cells have to work harder to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar. 

Over 10.5% of the U.S. population has a form of diabetes.  But through nutrition and weight loss, studies have shown diabetes can be reversed.

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